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Move to Houston
We departed Angola in mid April. Susan and Gemma to the UK for Gemma to start school at Loretto and Roger, Jane and Alasdair directly to Houston in time for the start of the Summer term at the British School of Houston.
Jane and Ali in their brand new school uniforms about to start their first day at BSH.
Summer holiday this year was limited to a few days in San Antonio. We spent one very hot afternoon visiting The Alamo.


Jane's school trip to Washingon & New York was somewhat curtailed because of the worst snow falls for 30 years. The majority of the 5 day trip was spent sheltering in a Holiday Inn in Maryland.
Gemma trying on her new games kit. She and Susan had just three days to buy everything needed for her first term.
We found the best barbeque restaurant in Texas in San Antonio. As you may be able to see from the photo, there were absolutely no frills, but the food was fantastic.

As the school provides so little in the way of sport, Ali has tennis lessons with a friend in the neighbourhood court. He has also joined Katy Rugby Club. The highlight of which has so far been a trip to play in a rugby tournament at Waco.

The BSH Junior School choir put on a performance in one of Houston's huge shopping malls (Ali is 5th from left in middle row).
Our home in Houston, and the (almost obligtory in Texas) gas-guzzling cars.