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South Africa - April 2006

In April we went off to South Africa. Spent some time in Cape Town and then went east to Botlierskop and Wilderness near George.


Had a very enjoyable few days in Cape Town, including a memorable trip up Table Mountain - And a lot of time in the shops needless to say.


Not sure why we wanted to have a go at riding an ostrich. I think "because you can" was about the best (and only) reason we came up with. Nevertheless we all did it and had a lot of laughs in the process.


Elephant ride at Bottlierskop. Was chilly that day, and very wet, so saw few other animals, however, the children's enthusiasm remained undampened throughout.


Although the photo doesn't show it, there were probably more people than penguins on Boulders beach that day.


Went to visit Stellenbosch wine area on Easter weekend.... So of course absolutely everything was shut except for one shop. The only things we could buy were postcards and hot-chocolate and cake so at least the children were happy.


'Scratch-Patch' kept the children amused for a surprisingly long time.


The Cango caves were truely amazing. We spent a couple of hours walking, climbing and squeezing through various sized and angled openings going deep into the hillside.


This was camping in style. Each tent included an en suite loo and a bath with a view (out and in), as well as a bowl of fruit and a complementary bottle of sherry. Oh yes, and a telephone so you could contact 'room' service.


Wilderness was fantastic for early morning and evening walks. Dramatic waves crashing onto the long, wide sandy beach and almost no-one else there.