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Botswana and Victoria Falls - October 2006

The October holiday was spent at Chobe National Park and close to Livingstone at Victoria Falls. Did the game drives, boat trips, helicopter ride, etc., etc. In other words, all the usual tourist stuff.


Where else, but Victoria Falls - Zimbabwian side. The volume of water passing over the falls is at about their lowest at this time of year. Nevertheless, the falls are still a hugely impressive sight.


On the Chobe river boat cruise.


The smile is no doubt for the chocolate cooky that has just been consumed.....


Taken at Zambezi Sun Hotel just before we left to return to Angola.


A visit to Livingstone Island included a swim in the river just upstream of the falls. We were confidently assured by our guide that it was perfectly safe, as although "the water was flowing quickly, the current wasn't strong" (am still trying to work that one out!). We decided to go for it anyway and the swim culminated in a jump into the water just two or three metres from the edge of the falls.


More game spotting.....


We had chartered a small boat for the morning and had arrived at this point in the Chobe river at the same time the elephants emerged from the bush. We watched them for some time before they all took to the water and walked/swam across to the other side.


Most of the best views we had of the wild life, particularly of the smaller animals, was from a small boat on the river. We were able to get much closer than we would otherwise have been possible on land.