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Namibia - April 2007

The two weeks of the Easter break were spent in Namibia. We arrived in Windhoek and the next day drove down to Sossusvlei. After that it was a journey North West across the Namib desert to Swakopmund and later on North Eastwards to the Etosha pan, before finally returning to Windhoek.


On our first day near Sossusvlei we rode out into the Nammib desert. It was so peaceful, just us, the horses and the amazing scenery.


We woke up in the cool morning and watched the sun rise over the distant hills while enjoying a delicious cooked breakfast.


"Hushed" and "carefully observent" are not words you would have used to describe our evening game drive at Erongo.


The sand dunes at Sosussvlei are just as spectacular as all those photos you see.


We were very spoilt. Our campsite had been set up for us before we arrived - Tents with proper beds, a dining table, cold beer and an outdoor shower that had an incredible view across the veldt. Not sure it could properly be called 'camping'.


Our lodge, Desert Homestead, was in the middle of nowhere.


We spent a few days in Swakopmund doing tourist things like shopping, sand-dune surfing and dolphin watching. Although as the picture above shows, we had a much closer encounter with seals than any dolphins.


The drives we did through the Etosha National Park were on some of the hottest days we had. Nevertheless, there was no shortage of animals to see.