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Australia - March 2008

For the Easter break we travelled to Australia to visit Susan's family and see a few new (to us) parts of the country. Arriving in Brisbane after a marathon journey from Luanda, we met up with Susan's brother and his girls. We then hired a car and slowly made our way south to Sydney. On the way we passed through Byron Bay and made a number of less wanted detours kindly suggested by "Shela", our not-so-friendly GPS guide.
Had a lovely relaxing first day in Australia - In Brisbane catching up with John, Rose and the girls.
Rain forrest walk at Port MacQuarrie.
The children all had surfing lessons while we stayed at Manly Beach  -  Both girls did well and seemed to take to it quite naturally.........
The bridge climb was litterally one of the holiday highlights. Susan and Gemma went together on our first day in Sydney and were lucky enough to be the only people on the climb.
While waiting for a boat outside Luna Park we could just make out Susan and Gemma descending from the top of the bridge.
Running off the fish & chip supper at Coff's Harbour.
Also at Coff's Harbour and a bit tacky. Nevertheless the "Big Banana" was worth the stop for the chocolate coated frozen bananas alone.
Met up with Giles, Trudy and the boys at their house in the Blue Mountains. Unfortunately we had only allowed a single day - not nearly enough time. But during our short say there Giles showed us some of the most spectacular views.
..........Meanwhile Ali quickly developed a highly individual technique!
Roger and Jane climbed the bridge the following day and clearly felt the need to hang on at the top.
At the time that Gemma and Susan were wasting their time on the boring old bridge climb, Jane, Ali and Roger enjoyed an exciting afternoon at Luna Park, or at least two of them did.